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The question really isn’t: Should Doctors use social media?

The question is: HOW should doctors use social media?

An attractive and easy-to-navigate website is only part of the design equation. Getting found is another important part. Our Search Engine Optimization team is well equipped to work with you on creating search-engine friendly sites, as well as putting together a targeted promotion plan, all done to help you and your site connect with the internet world.

Today, the web is social and interactive. It’s not static like most websites tend to be. As such, a website can no longer act as its own island. We now need to consider integrating search, social media, content, blogging, and more; even with a medical website.

The reason for this shift is largely due to changing buyer behavior. Today’s buyer (a.k.a. your current and prospective patients) wishes to consume information when they want and how they want and often-times without the involvement of contacting your office. And more importantly, they want to be educated and not “sold to.” As you will see from the chart on the next page, websites and new forms of inbound marketing content (such as Facebook pages, Twitter announcements, blogging and other social media) have become a considerable factor in the buying cycle. So let’s be honest: If you don’t make use of social media, the doctor down the street will.

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There are specific issues when it comes to social media and physicians.

There are issues such as patient privacy & physician malpractice.  These are real concerns and not to be taken lightly or glossed over.  These need to be addressed if a social media marketing campaign is implemented to any degree at all.  For example, to what degree should or can a doctor interact on Facebook when someone shares an ailment or asks a question?  Should any advice or cursory diagnosis take place? Should any communication ever happen at all through a social media platform?

Two-Way Dialogue vs. One-Way Conversation Communication

At the heart of social media marketing is the fact that it’s, well … social.  This means that some form of interaction needs to take place.

But the good thing is that you can control the level of such communication.  You have the ability of either making the social media platform a “two-way street,” where there is actual dialogue between you and the person – or – you can take a “one-way street” approach, where you are sharing information, but not actually having dialogue with anyone at all.

If any social media marketing is created, the initial and conservative approach we advocate (in most cases), is to create a purely one-way communication path.  Here, you would post or announce only such information as office events, speaking engagements, awards or honors recently won.

Such an approach does not open you to a dialogue atmosphere where you are giving – real or imagined – specific medical advice to a specific person.

Whether you choose a one-way or two-way social media conversation model, we can help by creating a branded page and setting it up properly

Google +

Google Local results appear higher on Google search results. We update your Google Plus page. We integrate your Google Local listing into your website, making it easier for your patients to find and connect with you.

Branded Physician Facebook Pages

Each Physician’s Facebook Page will include installation of Facebook applications to create unique Welcome Pages, integration that will automatically pull content from the main website into your Facebook Page.

Branded Twitter Pages

From Twitter to Facebook to LinkedIn, our team of savvy, social networkers know the ins and outs of social media. With a focus on increasing your brand awareness and generating traffic back to your website, we will learn which social networks will work best and generate the most awareness for your company.

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