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As easy as using a word processor

If you need an easy way to keep your patient forms, HIPAA notices and other files updated, our file library manager lets you quickly upload and keep track of your documents in one secure location.

Standard with all our interactive website offerings, the File Manager tool enables you to upload files directly to your website all through your web browser and our Content Management System. File types most commonly used with this tool are Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Adobe PDF.

Manage more than just content

Easy file uploaders and link wizards

Whether youre uploading a PDF or Word Patient Form or Medical Practice Brochure, or linking a file into a paragraph that youre editing, youll always be shown consistent dialog boxes that guide you through the process and makes it easy for the files to be uploaded, linked, and managed.

Upload and manage multiple files

With our File Manager module, its easy to upload multiple files at a time. You can also move, copy, rename and delete files and folders and control which users have permission to do the same operations on your website.

Integrated with our Content Management System

You can also add files to your FileBase on-the-fly as you are editing a specific page. In addition, you can have new file links added (and/or deleted) automatically to specific pages. For example, your patient forms page can be updated automatically as you edit your file system.


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