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As easy as using a word processor

Forget complex content management systems that require extensive training. Our system is so intuitive that most practices can start editing and publishing their web pages in minutes.

Manage your web presence. Edit your website easily from any browser, anywhere — while maintaining a consistent, professional style. Make management smoother. Add and edit pages; upload images, pdf files or other media; add links and post blog entries from one intuitive dashboard. We program your site, set up the management system and offer training. You have full control and will never have to wait for changes. Simply login on your computer or mobile device to easily manage your website.

Manage more than just content

Content Management

What good is a website if you cant update it? With our robust and easy-to-use content management system, you can easily update your websites content without having to call for help from a Web developer. Operating similarly like a word-processing software, like Microsoft Word, youll be able to easily add text, photos and videos or create and edit new pages in a breeze.

Manage Doctor & Staff Pages

Easily add, delete and edit physician and staff biography pages. Upload new headshots, add specific contact information and categorize according to their department or job title.

Upload Patient Forms On-The-Fly

Standard with all our interactive website offerings, the File Manager tool enables you to upload files directly to your website all through your web browser and our Content Management System. File types most commonly used with this tool are Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Adobe PDF. Great for uploading patient forms, physician referral forms, newsletters, video clips or white papers!

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Don’t get locked into proprietary software. We build on WordPress. We customize the platform like crazy and no two sites are the same.

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Text and Image Editing

Don’t just add an image, edit it. Built-in image modification makes every picture a good fit.

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Extremely Search Engine Friendly

The software is super search engine friendly. We take it a step further though, and install various functions and plugins that proactively alerts Google and gang of any changes, cleans the site so taht teh engines have an easier time of crawling, etc.

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Edit/Create New Menu Items

As your content changes, you are able to adjust your site navigation accordingly. Simply login and add/delete/edit main menu and drop-down menu items.

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