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Google Plus Cover Size: New Image Dimensions

get-started-google-plus-for-doctorsIt looks like Google Plus has once again updated and changed the layout of the Google Plus page.  In particular, the Google Plus Cover Size.

The old awkward layout, where the cover image either dominated the “above-the-fold” area, or required your scrolling up to see the cover image, is no longer there.

A little reminiscence of the old Facebook cover image, the new layout takes up less screen real estate and incorporates your Google Profile Image into the overall header.  It also includes a direct link to your website ( a nice feature, I think).

In summary:

  1. The Google Plus cover size is now a “ratio” of approximately 1.7 to 1.0.  The width being 1.7 and the height being 1.0.
  2. You will still want to create your cover image as large as possible, so that no resolution or quality image is compromised on larger or retina-ready monitors and mobile devices.
  3. When you upload your new cover photo, you will be able to crop the photo.  Be sure to crop “up”, as, again, image quality will be greater than cropping down (see image below)


How big should my Google Plus Cover Photo be?Google Plus Cover Photo size

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