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6 facts about doctors using social media platforms

06-1-636x411Today, more doctors use two or more social media platforms for personal use, compared with social sites used for professional purposes.

Almost 90 percent of physicians use at least one site for personal use and more than 65 percent for professional purposes.

As a profession, doctors have a significant interest in the potential applications of social media to patients and other clinicians. They illustrate interest in online physician communities and patient communities that may facilitate doctor-patients interactions.

A small group of “connected clinicians” use multiple social media platforms for both personal and professional use.

Key points from this QuantiaMD study: 

  • The majority of doctors use social media. Facebook is the most popular medium for personal use. Online physician communities are more popular for professional use.
  • Doctors who are familiar with patient portals or communities agree that they have a positive impact an individual’s health, but awareness of these social media sites is low.
  • 28 percent of doctors use professional physician communities, with the goal to confer, refer and learn from experts.
  • Clinicians approve and see the benefit of electronic interactions with patients to improve access and quality of care, but many are concerned about patient privacy, liability and compensation for these activities.
  • There remains a significant need for secure and convenient forms of interactive communication tools that doctors can use to talk with each other and patients.
  • 20 percent of clinicians use two or more social media sites for personal and professional use. These so-called “connected clinicians” are very eager to use social media to improve health care.

A version of this post, written by Nicola Ziady, originally appeared here.


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